Here is a detailed view on my server:

  • build date: June 2009
  • case: Chieftec Mesh CA-01B-B-SL black
  • psu: be quiet Dark Power Pro 12 650W
  • mainboard: Tyan S2915A2NRF-E
  • CPU: 2x AMD Opteron OSA2374 QuadCore 2,2GHz
  • GPU: NVidia NVS300 (chipset GT218)
  • dual monitor, Samsung SyncMaster 943T
  • raid: 3Ware 9550SXU-4LP SATAII
  • RAM: 16 GB DDR2 667 ECC Reg, Kingston
  • HDD: 4x Western Digital 500GB as Raid-5 (WD5002ABYS Raid-Edition)
  • HDD: 1x 1 TB
  • optical drive
  • Iomega ZIP250 connected to internal IDE
  • TV card, Tevii S470, DVB-S2, PCIe (chip CX23885)
  • operating system: openSUSE Leap 42.2 (since 2017-04-09. befot: openSUSE 13.2)
  • primary services: MythTV, OpenVPN, Mail (cyrus and postfix), Samba
  • secondary services: SSH, Apache, LDAP, DNS, DHCP, TFTP, SQL
  • several virtual machines with VirtualBox